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gangs_of_nyx's Journal

Gangs of NYX: An AU X-Men RPG
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About the Story:
Gangs of NYX is an AU (Alternate Universe) X-Men RPG that takes place in the late 70s- early 80s. In the 1960s, mutants became a national crisis and to deal with the rise of a new species, the government created "Mutant Town," a small ghetto in New York City to house these new people. The result was terrible as the area quickly became impoverished and violent. Humans living in the nearby areas would terrorize the mutants, and a special police unit known as "The Sentinels" would turn a blind eye to the terrible hand these people were dealt.

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, two mutants who in another time and place would be great leaders, decided that their homes needed to be protected and started a gang called "The Brotherhood of Mutants." The costumes and nicknames that in another world would signify them as heroes came to represent their unity as a gang. The Brotherhood began to protect the streets of Mutant Town from a racist gang called "The Friends of Humanity."

After the Brotherhood was able to drive back the Friends of Humanity for a time, Charles aka "X" and Erik aka "Magneto" got into a heated debate over whether or not to include humans in the growing Brotherhood gang. X wanted to let them in, since many humans lived and populated Mutant Town and many of the Brotherhood had human relatives and friends. Magneto, scorned by the treatment the Friends of Humanity had given them, wanted to keep the Brotherhood a strictly mutant establishment. The two friends butted heads until Magneto decided enough was enough and permanently crippled X, who he was afraid was trying to take sole control of the gang.

After X was crippled, The Brotherhood of Mutants split into two groups. Those who were loyal to Magneto stayed, while those who were loyal to X created a new gang known as "The X-Men." Now, six months after the split between the two gangs, New York is about to face a very hot summer, but the heat in the streets will be even worse.

About the Gameplay:

Gangs of NYX will be a fast paced, combat and goal oriented game, with focus on character development, gang development, street politics and having fun. The game will be set up in a way to be almost completely self sufficiant, with various gangs competing for the same slice of the pie.

Personal journals will be used more as character sheets, as the time frame makes it nearly impossible for an online journaling system to be used. Personal journals will also be used for third-person message board styled roleplaying.

The Community will be used as a "bulletin board" used by the gangs. This will include notes such as what goals need to be accomplished, notes to other members, or other tidbits of information.

Once an event is posted to the bulletin board it will be open to any member of that gang to complete. This will allow non-moderated scenes to have a purpose and a connection to the story. The replies made to that bulletin will be the chat logs of the scene being played, or a synopsis of what happened.

An example would be:
The Brotherhood has been tagging on our turf lately. There's a tag right above our headquarters and that ain't cool. Someone take care of this - X

And then the follow up to this would be any member of the gang acting out a scene where they clean up the tag, or spray over it, or possibly even go into the Brotherhood's turf and tag something there as well.

Combat will be happening in this game. A simple combat system using dice will be established. Players may apply to become "Registered Dice Rollers" or RDRs. The job of an RDR is to roll the dice for a particular combat scene and to keep score. By having RDRs it will be possible to do small combat scenes when moderators are unavailable.

For More information on Combat please click HERE

Character Information:

The characters in this game should follow as closely to canon as possible, but will obviously HAVE to be changed to fit into the setting. It is at the discretion of the player as to what changes have been made to their character.

EX: Warren Worthington III could be played several different ways. He could be played as just another impoverished citizen of the slums, or he could also be played as a teenager whose family lost their company when it was discovered he was a mutant.

Original Characters are ALLOWED!
ANY Marvel Canon Character is also ALLOWED!


Please note! This game is a work in progress. As the game goes on, changes may need to be made in order to keep the game running smoothly.

If you have ANY questions, concerns, comments or anything we are HAPPY to answer them. Please e-mail: NoNeedForPirates(at)yahoo(dot)com Thank you!